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November 15, 2015

Kiss and Tell in the English Garden

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EngGarden2015thumbnailAnother year, and another slightly embarrassing (I never quite get used to them) profile of yours truly in the national press. This time in the English Garden magazine, a glossy monthly about, er, English Gardens and gardening.

I have been featured in this mag before, way back in 2006 when they published an article on mistletoe and mistletoe planting, in which I gave advice on planting techniques. This time it’s a profile in their ‘Garden Paths’ series, where they interview someone different each month.

EngGarden2015detailIt is actually a very neat little feature, written by Victoria Mason, based on words I wrote in answer to her questions, and illustrated with a photo by Anne-Marie Randall, from a photo-shoot she did with me last winter.

I’ve got a very odd expression on my face though, as if I’m cross, or really concentrating on something.

Probably on not going cross-eyed, which I do sometimes in photo-shoots and is most unbecoming!

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