Jonathan's Mistletoe Diary

December 9, 2012

Mistletoe everywhere…

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End of a long mistletoe-filled week and weekend – and another one looming…

We’re trying (this year) to divide the Nov/Dec weeks into mistletoe supply at the start of the week and mistletoe talks, promotion etc at the end, but it all drifts together into one.

Last week worked fairly well overall – lots of mistletoe harvesting, sorting, boxing and despatching on Mon/Tues and then a sequence of talks and media stuff on Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat – only to go straight back into mistletoe harvesting today…

It can be a weeny bit stressful at times – and normal life is suspended for a few weeks – but it does have its moments, sometimes of farce.  For instance my old ‘smart’ brown shoes, hastily yanked out of retirement as all my others were muddy, split (sole came off upper – on just the right foot) in the midst of a presentation to the Royal Forestry Society in Gloucester on Friday – I don’t think they noticed, even after the sole started slapping the ground when I moved.  And Caroline, when delivering mistletoe to a wedding venue the same day, noticed a bird-crappy leaf (regular hazard of mistletoe) which she discreetly detached it and put in her pocket, only to find it lodged in her nostril a couple of minutes later when she used her hanky.  And Saturday, leaving a gardening club mistletoe do in Gloucestershire, already seriously late for a rare family gathering for lunch, with my siblings, two nieces and a great nephew, I was delayed further because the old lady parked next to me had left her lights on and I had to jump-start her car.  But mistletoe is a symbol of friendship and peace so that’s the sort of thing that should, perhaps, be expected?…

The good news (for me) is that I finished my (‘short’) OU course on Linux computing this afternoon (within 12 hours of deadline – an improvement on last time) – so I can devote myself entirely to mistletoe again this evening– perhaps starting with cleaning all the mistletoe berries and leaf debris out of the car and house before it gets too ingrained.

Back to serious mistletoe blogging soon…


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  1. ah but we love it so!

    Comment by Knitterstone Clee — December 9, 2012 @ 10:56 pm | Reply

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