The mistletoe supply business – online

With the mistletoe trading season now looming large, the various online mistletoe traders have begun jostling for position. There are a few changes to the line-up this year, with maybe more to appear soon. But it’s mostly the estabilshed outfits, most less than 4 years old (online mistletoe trading is relatively new). This group includes my own trading site, wading back into mistletoe supply after taking a break from it last season.

There’s potential for a little confusion out there, not least because of the similarity in names. Many (including me) use the phrase ‘English Mistletoe’ in either trading names or web addresses and so differentiation, and customer referals, might get complicated! Even the original Tenbury English Mistletoe Enterprise, which I helped set up and run from 2004 to 2009, has dropped (under new management) its Tenbury name and is concentrating on just the ‘English’ bit. That move is, in my opinion, a bit of a marketing faux pas, as the Tenbury name is a stronger trading terroir name for mistletoe than just English, but I shouldn’t lose sleep on it as it’s not my problem anymore. Though it does mean that no-one, as far as I can see, is trading mistletoe online under the Tenbury name. A few are from Tenbury – but that’s not clear until you visit their sites – it’s not being used to attract customers in.  There’s an opportunity there for someone…

But Tenbury isn’t the only place with mistletoe – it’s just the traditional trading centre in a wider area that has a lot of mistletoe  – so maybe more generic names are inevitable.

Here’s a quick round-up of some of this season’s contenders so far (I’ll add any others as they appear…):

The English Mistletoe Shop – the site I established last year to market mistletoe grow-kits and books is also supplying fresh mistletoe this season – from sites across the ‘three counties’ of Worcs, Herefs and Glos. Retail only. Based in the Severn Vale around Gloucester. Can be found at or at

Kiss Me Mistletoe – the Adams family of Eastham Park Farm, just outside Tenbury. Using a new website developed after their forays into online trading last year. Retail and wholesale. Organic mistletoe from their own farm. Can be found at

Treetops Shop – the Neath family of Abberley, to the east of Tenbury. Established Christmas tree traders with a strong mistletoe sideline – mostly wholesale but some retail trading too. Can be found at

The English Mistletoe Company – based in Tenbury and the new version of the old Tenbury English Mistletoe Enterprise. Retail and wholesale. Harvesting in the Tenbury area. Can be found at

InterMistletoe – the seasonal persona of InterRose of Suffolk, trading Tenbury-bought mistletoe stock from a base in Lowestoft. Strong on retail, and some wholesale too. Can be found at

English Mistletoe (not sure of formal trading name) – Shropshire-based and apparently concentrating on wholesale supplies to florist, gift shops etc. Can be found at

Confused? You will be if you try comparing that lot, who have widely varying prices – some very expensive this season, others looking like very good value.  Some haven’t declared their hand on prices yet…

PS – the English Mistletoe Shop is claiming a first this season – the first mobile phone optimised mistletoe site – you’ll find that at .  It won’t look good on a full screen device, but try it out on a mobile…

Unbeliebably unreal mistletoe

Well, Mr Bieber’s Mistletoe Single (see previous blog entry) is now out – at least on video preview.

And the mistletoe verdict is…

…that there’s no mistletoe in it.

There is, eventually, at 3 minutes and 3 seconds into the 3 minutes and 10 seconds long video, a piece of vegetation hanging from the ceiling.

But what is it?  Here’s a screen-shot:

Now, even allowing for North American mistletoe species, that ain’t mistletoe.

Looks more like Rosemary to me.

Which is a herb more usually associated with stuffing a bird rather than kissing one.

(I wonder what happened next….?)


Online mistletoe news over the last week or so has been dominated by the Bieber, who, I want to state right now, is not one of my favourite artists – but then I’m not a star-struck teenage girlie (just thought I’d get that clear too).

The reason?  His new album is called Under the Mistletoe and the single is called Mistletoe.  

But judging by the much-hyped (see video below) cover art the young (17), clean-livin’ (v religious apparently) Justin doesn’t seem to quite get mistletoe – where is it?  why isn’t he glancing up at it? and why aren’t his lips pursed ready for those kisses?

Maybe he’s just too young.

The single, and the inevitable video, are out soon, so maybe then we’ll see if he understands the kissing thing.

In the meantime,  for all you Beliebers out there, here’s a fantastically pointless news video announcing that unremarkable album cover: