Jonathan's Mistletoe Diary

November 9, 2009

Blogging ’til Christmas, and beyond…

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Over a month since last entry – largely because very busy with mistletoe matters – reviewing the 'crop' in orchards, sorting out details of events and updating websites etc. But now back on track, I hope, with regular updates on mistletoe news and trivia in the run-up to Christmas.

Am aiming for daily blogging for this season – the mistletoe blog used to be a regular thing (see old threads for 2004 and 2005/6) but entries have become a bit irregular in the last couple of years.  Can I re-discover that relative spontaneity again this season? We shall see…

Oh, and 'cos I have to be a weeny bit more commercial these days (self-employed etc) I'm going to add a Mistletoe Promotion of the Day each time (well. that's the plan). Today's offering, a predictable one, is below:


Mistletoe Promotion of the Day – Fresh English Mistletoe for Christmas

Temelogosquareforindexpage Buy genuine, freshly-picked English mistletoe for Christmas from Tenbury English Mistletoe Enterprise (TEME).

TEME, based in the heart of English Mistletoe country, pick your mistletoe to order to ensure freshness, and long-life – lots of packages available – have a look and take your pick.  Orders can be placed anytime between now and Christmas (delivery date can be specified on checkout) – and the sooner the better really, so that TEME can programme their harvesting schedules…


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