Dr Who, Mistletoe and werewolves…

“Omigod!!!” Mistletoe has just featured in Dr Who!!

Sorry about the OmiGod, I know it’s getting a bit passe now*. But Dr Who and Mistletoe – what more could one ask for??

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly explained why european mistletoe kept an alien werewolf (more correctly a ‘lupine wavelength human variform’) at bay, but it did seem to work. The Doc and his companions (including Queen Victoria) survived unharmed for a while in a panelled room varnished with ‘Oil of Mistletoe’. And it wasn’t quite technically perfect – the Doc seemed to think Viscum album was the name for ‘Oil of Mistletoe’ rather than the plant itself – but he did accurately point out it was full of Lectins and Viscotoxins – so perhaps these Time Lords do know what they’re on about after all. Must try this myself next werewolf season…

For a full plot synopsis try the Wikipedia site. I may have missed a bit – as I was watching the repeat on BBC3 – a digital channel we still don’t get here in densely populated Gloucestershire – a scandal the Beeb and/or the Government must sort out soon or I’ll be taking them to court for breach of contract on the TV licence. We can only watch it whilst holding the aerial lead and with a specially boosted signal – and even then it conks out every minute or two. But the cricked neck from holding the aerial was worth it.

Er, that’s it for now, mostly relatively quiet on the mistletoe front (apart from the ongoing grow your own enquiries, more mistletoe initiatives in London, the Royal Worcester Mistletoe mug initiative etc etc… keeps me busy, even out of season)

*For non-UK readers, or those in the UK who’ve spent the last few months in solitary, Omigod became the (rather tedious) catchphrase of Chantelle, the, er, non-celebrity who won the recent UK Celebrity Big Brother – if you really really want to know what that’s about you could try clicking here…)